Whose rants are these?

My name is Robert Kenny. I am a telecoms and media consultant, specialising in policy, regulation and strategy. I'm a co-founder of Communications Chambers, a group of experts working in these areas.

Before consulting I headed Strategy and/or M&A for Hongkong Telecom (now PCCW), Reach and Level 3, all multi-billion dollar telcos. I've been working in telecoms since the late '80s, and seen significant sums blown on business plans that looked great at the time - it's one of the things that makes me a bit cautious about FTTH!

I've also worked at the application layer - I was a founder of IncubASIA, a Hong Kong based venture capital firm investing in online and mobile application businesses, and was chairman of DotMedia, an Asian online matchmaking business.

I don't just write about telecoms - my interests range from universities to rhinoceroses.

I can be contacted at rob@commcham.com

Oh, and the icon on the browser tab? Not actually a check box, but the symbol for a telephone exchange - soon to be obsolete once we've all moved to VoIP.

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